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Alsalma/GammaMedix Services. Had been established in, 2010 .
To cover the medical needs in the Sudan by modern scientific methods.
Alsalalma/GammaMedix has team work specialists engineers in medical equipments with considerable experience in this field extend to 13 years.
Alsalalma/GammaMedix consider one of a leading pioneers company in providing complete health care services and we have investment policies that are continually being redesigned and promoted to meet specific user requirements - whether governmental or private.
Our specialist sales group has grown to be recognized as a market leader in the distribution and supply of a wide range of medical equipment and consumables throughout all the states of Sudan as the company provides package deals with governmental and private medical institutes.
The total of employees 10 people, 7 engineers working as teamwork in the different field's example laboratories, Medical Radiology diagnostic-therapeutic, intensive care unit and operations room also we strengthened our technical staff by sales and services training to realization enough support to our customer.